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About Us

Tourist Frontier Group , is a company operating since 1992 in the Tijuana International Airport, offering Taxi International service. Our commitment is to provide a comfortable, secure, convenient and reliable passenger.


Our Services are:

  • Shuttle service from home to Tijuana International Airport and the airport to his home.
  • Transfers Tijuana International Airport to San Diego, Los Angeles and any city in California, USA.
  • Transfers of any city in California to Tijuana International Airport.


Ensuring passenger transport system, so that the service alcanze the highest level, presenting high levels of efficiency and quality, covering the needs of users to ensure a transparent, secure and reliable service.

To achieve this, it is essential to promote citizen participation in the control of the service.


Our fundamental vision is Regular, Control, Planning and Organizing the provision of public passenger transport, ensuring that each passenger arriving at Tijuana airport receives the best moving services: safe, modern, and high quality.

In this way, contribute to sustainable growth in the region, improving productivity and quality of life of people.